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Communications & Networks

  China's UPS Shipments Grow 5.6%  
October 15, 2008

China's 1H 2008 UPS shipments reached 652.6 thousand, up 5.6% YOY. CCID Consulting sees possible continued declining growth rates in 2009 due to less than favorable economic and policy environments. However, growth will revive in 2010 due to a new upgrade cycle and growing SME sector.

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source: ccid consulting, September 2008

China's UPS market faces new opportunities and challenges in 2008. Favorable factors include opportunities from China's telecom restructuring <link>, governmental reformation, and the Beijing Olympics.

Unfavorable factors include China's own snow storm crisis in early 2008, the earthquake in Southwest China, and the global economic downturn which negatively affects China's macro-economic environment. Sub-prime lending crisis, rising raw materials costs, RMB appreciation are impacting China's manufacturing industry, and economic growth which appears to be slowing.

UPS 2008





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source: ccid consulting, September 2008

In 2008, China's UPS market is getting more competitive as UPS adoption in telecom, power, and other industries grow rapidly. Multinational vendors still take the lead, as APC-MGE, Emerson, and Santak have a combined market share of over 50%. APC-MGE began expansion of its production and market promotion in 2008, and launched a large scale road show in Tianjin and Shenyang, and tens of North China's provincial capitals. Emerson enhanced its visibility by presenting its products, solutions and concepts at the Seventh Annual Petrochemical Automation Association Conference.

Domestic Chinese vendors such as KELONG and KSTAR have nonetheless grown considerable share through solid development and market strategy. KELONG has set up programs to attract, cultivate, and use high level professional technical talent. KSTAR was an UPS equipment supplier for the Beijing Olympic village. Other Chinese domestic UPS vendors won bids with ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Carrefour, Jilin highway, Fujian highway, Xiamen BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), among others.

Looking ahead, UPS will not only be function as an uninterrupted power supply, but also as a comprehensive management solution, integrating cabinet, power, heat dissipation, cabling, routing, and other management functions. Vendors will need to provide products and solutions to these increasing levels of management. Customization, modularization, “green” support, efficiency, and scalability will be the focus of product and service development.

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