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Computers & Peripherals

  China's 2Q08 Notebook Growth Jumps 47.5% In Challenging Environment  
September 8, 2008

Shipments of China's notebook computers jumped to 1.9 million in 2Q 2008Q2, up 47.5% YOY, despite China's more restrictive economic environment, declining equity markets, and recent natural disasters. Lenovo leads in notebook shipments for the quarter, while the top five vendors combined captured 71.4% shipment share.

Vendors continue their intense competition with rapid product releases, upgrades, and improved promotional methods.

Dual-core has become the main configuration in China's notebook market; while wider screens and larger capacity hard drives has been the trend. Pre-installed Windows Vista notebook share has significantly improved, but XP is still popular. Vendors are shifting from price performance to products targeted to specific user segments and applications, complemented by advertisements and promotions. Notebook designs are increasingly reflective of user and application.

Dramatic growth in China's consumer sector, while commercial slows.

Consumer sector notebooks grew 92.3% YOY for 2Q08, with competition being more intense than that of the commercial sector. Dell increased its consumer shipment share with its emphasis on China retail channels development. Samsung has also improved its position with adjustment in its product and prices.

Notebook Sectors



Growth YOY (%)

Consumer Shipments (thousands)


904 9.5%

Commercial Shipments (thousands)


993 2.7%



1,897 2.7%

source: ccid consulting, July 2008


Due to China's macro-economic environment and the Sichuan earthquake, businesses shifted focus to their own business development and support for the earthquake, which meant less notebook purchase growth. Government procurement was also down, especially in the 2nd half of May. Moreover, as attention shifted towards the Beijing Olympics, businesses reduced their purchasing activity. However, China's health care, municipal traffic control and logistics did have favorable development.

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