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Computers & Peripherals

  Solid x86 Server Growth In China, Highlighted By Energy Efficiency, SME, Telecom, And Quad-Core  
August 7, 2008

In 2Q08, shipments of China's x86 Servers climbed to 162 thousand, up 15.7% YOY, while revenues reached almost 3 billion Yuan, up 11.6% YOY.

x86 Server




 Growth (%)

Shipments (thousands)




Revenues (millions Yuan)




Source: CCID Consulting, july 2008

The following were China's x86 server characteristics during the quarter:

China's next generation data centers: A focus on simplification, energy savings, and blade servers.

China's commercial enterprises have focused on the greening of their data centers with reduced energy consumption and infrastructure simplification. The benefits are reduced IT investment and operational costs. Vendors are responding with strategies to capture these types of demand. Key to realizing these features and benefits are blade servers, as this category has grown dramatically, with its x86 server market share increasing from 7.6% in 2Q07 to 15.2% in 2Q08.

SME sector demand heats up.

Compared with China's large enterprise and government sectors, small and medium enterprise (SME) sector demand has the fastest growth, up 18.9% YOY. Vendors have responded better with server products with better pricing, performance, management and security functions.

Telecom industry growth is even more dramatic, drive by 3G network and Internet.

China's telecom industry has been aggressively building out their infrastructure to meet trial 3G deployments and lucrative Internet services demand and growth. 2Q08 shipments of x86 servers in telecom have jumped 23.9% YOY, while revenues grew 16.5% YOY.

SMP Quad-core server demand accelerates and is becoming mainstream.

In 2Q08, the 14,00018,000 Yuan and 18,00022,000 Yuan price segments had the highest demand, and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers were the mainstream. While quad-core servers had been targeted for high-density, high performance computing needs and virtualization applications, they now have the benefit of increased power with relatively little price difference compared to dual-core products. As a result, SMP quad-core servers are becoming the mainstream in China.

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