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Computers & Peripherals

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China's 2Q08 Notebook Growth Jumps 47.5% In Challenging Environment
September 8, 2008

Shipments of China's notebook computers jumped to 1.9 million in 2Q 2008Q2, up 47.5% YOY, despite China's more restrictive economic environment, declining equity markets, and recent natural disasters. Lenovo leads in notebook ...


Exceptional 2Q08 External Storage Systems Growth In China
September 3, 2008

China's external storage systems shipments in 2Q 2008 jumped 43.0% YOY. Despite global economic sluggishness, China's enterprise data demands, applications convergence, virtualization and simplified IT management drove ...


2Q08 PC Shipments Growth Slows; Vendors Focus On China's Rural Regions
August 29, 2008

Shipments of China's desktop PCs reached 5.38 million in 2Q 2008, up 9.5% YOY, while revenues reached 20.72 billion Yuan, up 2.7% YOY. Growth has slowed, due to notebook substitution effects, slowing of China's macro-economic growth ...


China's MFP Shipments Reach 523 Thousand In 2Q08
August 21, 2008

In 2Q 2008, shipments of China's MFPs reached 523.1 thousand, down sequentially 7.8% over 1Q08. MFP revenues reached 806 million Yuan, down 13.3% over 1Q08. All vendors experienced declines, but Lexmark, ...


China's 2Q 2008 Projector Focus: New Product Launches
August 14, 2008

2Q 2008 shipments of projectors in China reached 173.5 thousand, up 17.2% YOY, while revenues reached 2.24 billion Yuan, up 16.1% YOY. China project active seasons are summer and winter. Vendors typically launch new products during ...


Solid x86 Server Growth In China, Highlighted By Energy Efficiency, SME, Telecom, And Quad-Core 
August 7, 2008

In 2Q08, shipments of China's x86 Servers climbed to 162 thousand, up 15.7% YOY, while revenues reached almost 3 billion Yuan, up 11.6% YOY.


China's Branded LCD Monitor Shipments Drop In 2Q 2008 To 2.6 Million
August 7, 2008

Shipments of China's branded LCD monitors reached almost 2.6 million in 2Q 2008, down 5.4% YOY. Growth of notebook sales, especially to China's college students, has cut into branded LCD monitor purchases. Price drops of bundled PCs have ...


2Q08 Printer Shipments Decline Slightly To 1.94 Million In China
August 6, 2008

2Q 2008 represents the first decline for China's printer market after ten consecutive quarters of growth. CCID Consulting's data shows that printer shipments in 2008Q2 reached 1.9 million, down 1.7% YOY. Revenues reached ...

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